Payment reconciliation


Roqqett uniquely offers an automatic payment reconciliation service for each payment you receive from your customers. This gives you complete assurance that a payment has settled and the funds are in your bank account, without having to perform any manual checks and comparison.

The service tracks all incoming payments and reconciles them with the activity in the bank account you have added and linked with Roqqett. The service can also, if configured, send a webhook automatically to an endpoint of your choosing.

The service runs regularly and as it reconciles, it will continue to update the reconciliation status. An overview of the current reconciliation states can be viewed in the Reconciliation area of the Roqqett portal. Here you will be able to view the details of successful reconciliation and, if a payment can't be reconciled, the reason(s) why a match was not possible and tools to manually reconcile.

Reconciliation notifications

You can subscribe to the reconciliation webhook proactively to be informed when a payment is reconciled. This is especially powerful if you want to automate any business operations or workflow activities when a payment settles.

To subscribe to this webhook, you'll need to set the callback URL in the Roqqett portal by going to Settings > Reconciliation, entering the URL in the Recon webhook URL field and saving.