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What is Roqqett?

Founded in 2020, Roqqett is an exciting FinTech startup with an astounding vision to create positive change and become the future of the checkout. Inspired by change, we have created a series of products, for both businesses and consumers alike, which we believe have the power to positively change the payments industry. We offer a unified checkout across channels, driving revenue through conversion, social, and upsell.

About the Roqqett range

The Roqqett range includes Roqqett Pay and Roqqett Checkout.

Roqqett Pay is a payment solution that sits alongside other payment options on your online store checkout.

Roqqett Checkout is a complete express checkout journey for your customers to buy and shop in seconds on your online store.

Complimentary to your existing payment methods / PSPs

Our products are all complimentary to your existing payment service providers (PSPs) and payment methods, so you can easily add Roqqett without risking your existing setup.

About Roqqett payments

Roqqett payments enable you to accept payments faster, easier, and cheaper via open banking payment technology. Adding open banking payments to your business gives your customers the choice to pay securely and conveniently via a frictionless journey with their banking app.

Roqqett payments are easy to implement alongside existing payment methods offered at checkout and are supported by all payment information service (PIS) enabled UK banks and by the main web browsers.