Manual reconciliation

Manual reconciliation


Sadly reconciliation problems inevitably arise but when they do Roqqett provides you the tools to inspect and resolve problems, allowing to remain in control and on top of your books. These features live within Reconciliation area of the Roqqett portal and it is the place to review any payment that might not be reconciling, diagnose why, and take steps to resolve the mismatch.

Investigating unreconciled payments

If a payment cannot be reconciled, then the Roqqett portal will communicate this by:

  • Adding a counter symbol next to the Reconciliation item in the left menu - the count shown is the number of payments that are unreconciled.
  • Setting the reconciliation status of the payment to Unreconciled in the Payments table.

To investigate unreconciled payments, go to the Reconciliation area. The first view shows payments that Roqqett has received but that have no matching transaction in the linked bank account(s). The second view, accessible by clicking the radio button above the main table, shows transactions in the linked bank account(s) that have been identified as relating to Roqqett but that have no associated Roqqett payment.

Identifying Roqqett payments in bank statements

Roqqett payments can be identified in a bank account statement by their distinguishable coded payment reference format. Roqqett uses this unique format so that our payments cannot be confused with any other transactions you are receiving or making.

In either view, you can click on the Roqqett payment or bank transaction to inspect and understand the specific details. This information can then help you determine the history of the payment and the root cause of the mismatch.


Remember the Roqqett crew are here to help, so if you need anything contact us via our help center.

Manually reconciling

The Roqqett portal also provides the ability for you to manually reconcile any unreconciled payments. This is helpful when you are comfortable that either the funds were received for a payment despite the mismatch or if an unreconciled payment can be ignored.

Manual bank transaction reconciliation coming

Currently, Roqqett only supports the manual reconciliation of Roqqett payments with bank transactions and not the reverse. This is on the roadmap so please watch out for updates.

Step 1: locate the payment and initiate the reconciliation

In the Roqqett payments view in the Reconciliation area, find the payment that needs to be reconciled and click the Reconcile button on the relevant row. This will start the manual reconciliation process and you will be taken to the matching screen.

Step 2: locate the bank transaction to match with

In the matching screen, the payment that you are reconciling is fixed at the top while the lower half will contain the bank transaction(s) that Roqqett believes best match the payment in question. You can toggle between these matches using the radio buttons.

Use the information provided in the lower half of the screen to locate the bank transaction that best matches the Roqqett payment and that you will reconcile against.

Step 3: force the match

When you have decided which bank transaction to select, click the Match button on the relevant row. This will open a confirmation popup that you should review. You should confirm only when sure, because once a payment has been reconciled it cannot be undone.

Only reconcile when certain

Once manually reconciled, the reconciliation status and linking of that payment cannot be reverted.