Refund via portal

Refund via portal


The portal is the primary tool for refunding payments with Roqqett. This method of refunding is recommended for businesses where the person completing the refund has payment authorisation permissions with the bank that the refund will be paid from.

User refunding must have bank authorisation

The person completing this type of refund must have permissions to authorise payments with the refunding bank, as the refund can't be completed without authorisation.


Steps 1-3

Log into your business account in the Roqqett portal and go to the Payments area. Find the row that corresponds to the payment that needs refunding, then click ... > Refund payment.

Steps 4-5

This is the core part of the refund flow, where you must select Authenticate and log into your bank, then authorise the refund. This flow can take place either in the bank's banking app or in a supported browser.

Steps 6-8

If the refund is authorised, you're taken back to the Roqqett portal, which then displays the confirmation. If configured, the refund webhook notifies you of a successful refund.

If the refund is cancelled, you're taken back to the Roqqett portal, which gives you the option to retry the refund with a different bank or completely cancel the refund. If you select the latter and it's configured, Roqqett informs your site that the refund was cancelled, using the refund webhook.