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Register with Roqqett

Step 1: request a Roqqett account

Before you can begin integrating with Roqqett products, you must have registered your business via our sign-up process.


Step 2: complete verification

The information you provide will be used to complete business verification and pre-populate your account. Once your business has been successfully verified, you will be able to start taking Roqqett-powered payments.

Step 3: confirm account details

Once fully registered and verified, your Roqqett business account will be ready for use.

You should receive an email confirmation with a link to create and confirm your account password. This will grant you access to the Roqqett portal.

Register with Roqqett steps

The Roqqett portal

The Roqqett portal allows you to access your Roqqett business account. Once logged in, you can manage and amend your business details, bank accounts, users, and logo. You can also check payments, create and configure Roqqett-powered payments, as well as create, rotate, and revoke API keys.