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Roqqett plugin for WooCommerce sites



Click the button below to download the Roqqett plugin for WooCommerce that will easily let you add Roqqett Pay and/or Roqqett Checkout to your WooCommerce site. Then follow the quick steps to install the plugin and start taking Roqqett payments.
Note: Github repo for plugin can be found here

Setup instructions

Before you begin

  • Ensure you have downloaded the plugin - see button above.
  • Ensure you have registered and have your API key.
  • Ensure your Organisation settings are configured correctly in the Roqqett portal.
  • Ensure you have created at least one instance of Roqqett Pay or Roqqett Checkout - if you want to configure both, see the additional steps at the bottom.
  • Ensure you understand the payment flow - this page provides some additional detail.

Install the plugin into WordPress

The first step is to log into your site's admin portal - usually here www.yourwebsite.com/wp-admin/ - and navigate to the Plugins area of your site. Here, click the Upload button (top right), click the grey file selector, navigate to where you downloaded the Roqqett plugin and upload the downloaded Zip file. Please note, some systems will automatically unpack the Zip file into a normal directory, but you want to add that downloaded .zip file here. This will automatically install of the plugin, however if requested you must activate it.

Configure Roqqett in WooCommerce

Navigate to WooCommerce->Settings->Payments(tab). Click the 'All payment methods' link at the top left (usually immediately under any warning bars) - it is next to pre-selected WooCommerce Payments link.
In the 'All payments' same screen in Woo, click the Manage button on the Roqqett table row. This opens the settings screen of the Roqqett plugin. Here you need to set the values as follows - note some of the settings are only for Roqqett Pay whereas some are only for Roqqett Checkout, so note the product name next to setting below.

Enable/DisableTicked = Roqqett plugin active in WooAll
Test modeTicked = test mode activeAll
API secretYour API secret from the Roqqett portalAll
Roqqett Pay - Instance IDThe ID of the Roqqett Pay instance configured in the Roqqett portalRoqqett Pay
Roqqett Pay - Expiry periodNo. of minutes you give customers to pay before the payment session expires (default = 20mins)Roqqett Pay
Roqqett Checkout - Instance IDThe ID of the Roqqett Checkout instance configured in the Roqqett portalRoqqett Checkout
Roqqett Checkout - Button colourSelect the colour scheme for the Checkout button on your basket summary pageRoqqett Checkout
Roqqett Checkout - Expiry periodNo. of minutes you give customers to pay before the payment session expires (default = 20mins)Roqqett Checkout
Order status after checkoutThe status of the order after successful payment (default = processing)All
Payment activity added to order notesTicked = activity will be added
NB: useful for audit purposes
Enable loggingTicked = activity will be logged
NB: useful for support purposes

Enable Roqqett in WooCommerce

Before going live you should enable Roqqett in your WooCommerce payment settings. So, navigate back to the table of all the Woo payment methods, locate Roqqett and slide the toggle switch over so that it is enabled - this is when toggle switch's background is maroon.
Lastly, just to be safe, double check whether you are in test mode or not!

Plugin webhook callback URL

To ensure your Roqqett products work with the plugin, it's essential that the correct webhook callback URL has been added to the settings of Roqqett Pay and/or Roqqett Checkout you intend to use.

The webhook callback URL that you need to use is displayed at the top of the plugin's settings page (in Woo) and will follow this format: <yourWooSiteURL>/wc-api/roqqett-webhook.

This callback URL needs to be added as the 'Webhook URL' in the instance configuration. If an existing instance needs to be updated, select the checkout and use the Update Checkout form.

Any questions? Ask us via chat here (bottom right) or on our help center.