Roqqett button pack

Downloadable set of brand-approved buttons for easy use


Button pack download

Click the button below to go to our Github when you can download the button pack. Use the buttons when adding Roqqett Pay and/or Roqqett Checkout to your site.

The guidelines below outline in more detail how the buttons should be added to your site.

Button guidelines

Guidelines for adding the Roqqett payment button to your site

Please ensure you match any existing styling you have already. The width, height & corner radius of the Roqqett button should match up with the other buttons you have.


How to create the Roqqett button

We will provide you with this inside content for the button, you must create the button container with code, then add in the Roqqett button contents.


Choosing the right button content

Depending on the width of your button, we have different content for you to place inside it. Please refer to the images below to ensure you are using the correct button content for your purposes.

*Note: You may need to download multiple button packs for the various breakpoints you may have.

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