Refund via portal

How to refund customer payments via Roqqett Portal



The Roqqett portal is the primary tool for refunding payments and can be simply achieved by following the steps below. This method of refunding is recommended for businesses where the person completing the refund has payment authorisation permissions with the bank that the refund will be paid from.


User refunding must have bank authorisation

User completing this type of refund must have permissions to authorise payments with the refunding bank as the refund cannot be completed without authorisation.


Steps 1-3
The merchant user should log into their business account on the Roqqett portal and
NB: The Roqqett button opens a full screen overlay that encapsulates the payment journey and prevent the users from editing their basket on your site.

Steps 4-5
This is the core part of the refund flow where the user must select authenticate and log into their bank and ultimately authorise the refund. This flow can take place either in the bank's banking app or in a Roqqett supported browser.

Steps 6-8
If the refund is authorised, the flow navigates back to Roqqett portal, which then displays the confirmation, and if configured, the refund webhook notifying the merchant's endpoint of successful refund.
If the refund is cancelled, the flow navigates back to Roqqett, which gives the user the option to retry the refund with a different bank or completely cancel the refund. If they select the latter and it's configured, Roqqett informs your site, using the refund webhook, that the refund was cancelled.

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