Refund a payment

How to refund customer payments



Roqqett enables you to refund payments through, what is essentially, a reverse of the original payment in which the same payment amount is transferred from what was originally the receiving bank account to the original payer account. So when refunding, the payer account is the Bank accounts that was credited and receiving account is your consumer's bank account - note these accounts are fixed when refunding, so you cannot choose to refund from a different account you have added to Roqqett.

Given this reverse, the authentication from the payment must be provided by you or the person in your business who has the authorisation to log into the bank where the refund is being paid from either online or through an app. In practice, this means that this person needs to be involved in all refunds and the best to complete the refund via the portal. The other methods to refund are via a link or through a request workflow.

Refunds in Roqqett are completely separate payments that are distinct from the original payment and as such appear as a unique payment in the portal (see image below). However, any refunds are linked to the original payment that allows you to audit and navigate easily between them.



Refunds only possible from approved accounts

Roqqett only allows you to refund from the approved bank accounts that have undergone know-your-business (KYB) checks.

Refund notifications

Roqqett provides a refund webhook that you can subscribe to get proactively informed about any refund that occurs. This is especially powerful if you want to automate any business operations or workflow activities when a refund occurs.

The details of the webhook can be found here and the callback URL you want to subscribe to the webhooks can be set in the Roqqett portal (info / link) by going to Settings->Refunds (tab) and entering the URL in the Refund Webhook field and saving.


Not supported by all banks

All major banks support open banking refunds, but some newer banks do not yet support it - see sub-page for list. The other institutions are developing refunds and Roqqett will make you aware when refunds are available. If a refund is not available through the open banking process, Roqqett will facilitate an alternate mechanism for refunding customers.


Full refunds only atm

Currently Roqqett only allows full refunds, ie the refund amount is 100% of the original payment amount. We are working to bring partial refunds, so watch this space.

Testing refunds

To test a refund, you need to initially complete a test payment using Roqqett Pay or Roqqett Checkout and using bank accounts that you can authorise payments for.

In order to refund a test payment simply follow the instructions provided for a real refund and upon authorisation of the refund you will be presented with the option to select the refund outcome that you desire. Refunding a test payment will automatically carry out a test refund, and money will not be moved as a result of this operation.

Once you are ready, please follow the steps outlined for the appropriate method: