Payment Reference

A single reference for you and your customer.



Roqqett allows you to add a reference of up to 18 characters, that will appear in the records of both your bank and your customer. This reference can make it easy to find the transaction, which can help when you're trying to match up your bank statements. It's important to make sure that the reference you give for each transaction is correct and different

When you create the cart in your backend-to-backend call, you can choose to include the field reference in the JSON blob of the POST data for each payment. Once the payment is completed, the reference you provided will show up in your bank statement and on your receiving bank's app.

You may wish to customise your reference to allow for certain types of wallet top-up flows to be directed properly. You may also wish to reflect your order ID, but this use case is usually better suited to the merchantCartId field, which will also allow you to search and filter by this value in the payments section of the Roqqett portal.

If you do not wish to customise this field, an appropriately random value will be used, prefixed with “RQ”.

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