Payment flow

The stages involved and how the money moves



Despite which product you use, the core Roqqett payment flow is largely the same. This page will provide the details on the flow for the varying payment types and any callouts to be aware of.

How the money moves

A Roqqett payment consists of an instant account-2-account transfer of funds between your consumers nominated bank account and the merchant account you have registered with Roqqett.

You as a merchant send Roqqett a payment request when your consumer wants to pay and Roqqett will navigate the consumer through the payment process including the routing of them to their bank - via banking app or bank portal - where the consumer must authorise the payment.

Given the structure of this payment process, the following benefits are baked in

  • The payment process is compliant and optimised for SCA
  • Chargebacks are not possible
  • Instant settlement allows you to ship without the risk of not being paid

Single account-to-account payments


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The process of initiating and completing a Roqqett checkout payment consists of these steps:

Steps 1-3
The consumer reaches your cart payment page and you present the Roqqett payment button. The consumer then clicks the Roqqett button which initiates the cart session and is navigated to a Roqqett-hosted page.
NB: The Roqqett button opens a full screen overlay that encapsulates the payment journey and prevent the users from editing their basket on your site.

Steps 4-7
This is the core part of the payment flow where the user must select a bank (if saved bank not right), navigate to and authenticate with their bank, and ultimately authorise the payment. This section can take place either in the Roqqett App or in a browser (mobile or desktop) - supported browsers.
NB: If payment starts on a desktop browser, then user is offered several options to complete the journey; either stay on desktop or preferably on a device where they banking app is install. For the latter, a QR code, link via SMS, or push notification (app only) are offered to transfer the consumer onto their mobile device for the faster journey that integrates seamlessly with their banking app(s).

Steps 8-10
If the consumer authorises the payment, they are navigated back to Roqqett, which then displays the Dynamic receipt and informs your site, via webhook, of the successful payment.
If the consumer cancels the payment, they are navigated back to Roqqett, which gives the user the option to retry the payment with a different bank or return to your site. If they select the latter, Roqqett informs your site, via webhook, that the payment was cancelled.

Key callouts

  • Same flow as Roqqett Pay - The core payment flow is Roqqett Pay.
  • Bank authorisation - The authorisation journey differs depending on which bank the user selects.
  • Supported on app and web - This flow is supported by the Roqqett App and mobile/desktop browsers.
  • Flexible - The payment flow has a level of flexibility that can be made through our API.

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