Parcel tracking

Real-time tracking updates for your customers



Roqqett offers real-time tracking updates. They are delivered via SMS notifications with a link to a browser hosted dynamic receipt, or via Push Notifications for customers who have the Roqqett App installed.

The tracking module updates dynamically and the experience is shown below.


Improved post-sale experience


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Roqqett's parcel tracking service improves the oversight your customers have over their parcels through a highly curated experience consisting of a simple to understand 'delivery status' monitor on the dynamic receipt and a few timely, critical notifications - either SMS or push notification by the Roqqett App.

You can see the flow of parcel tracking information (above) that is broken down in the steps as follows.

Steps 1-6
Immediately after completing a purchase using Roqqett, the consumer will be shown the parcel tracking monitor component on their dynamic receipt however, it is in a holding state. This state updates as soon as you have arranged fulfilment and provided Roqqett with the tracking ID and courier specifics for the purchase - from this point onwards the consumer can always access up to date information on their delivery by opening their dynamic receipt at any time.

Steps 7-8
Once registered, Roqqett will be continually update by the courier on the parcel's status which Roqqett reflect on the dynamic receipt. Roqqett also provides the correct contact information for the courier that is provided by the courier itself.

Steps 9-11
For critical updates, Roqqett will proactively notify the consumer via SMS or push notification, about the status of their delivery. This mechanism is reserved for only a handful of critical statuses a delivery enters where the consumer must be made aware as they typically need to take an action. For example, when a delivery has been dispatched for delivery and the consumer must be in to collect it.
Important Roqqett has built in measures to prevent users ever being 'spammed' by this service.

Set up guide

Before you begin

Add shipping customer support

Log into the Roqqett portal (info / link), go to Settings and click the 'Shipping & returns' tab. Here you should add the contact details that consumers will have access to via parcel tracking monitor on the dynamic receipt. You must provide at least the URL of page that provides shipping information but you can provide an email address and phone number.

Add parcel tracking to the checkout configuration

While in the portal, go to the Checkouts page using lefthand menu. In either the create or edit checkout form, press next - if editing, there's no changes needed on the first page - and on the second page tick the 'Parcel tracking' feature. Once ticked, any order made through this checkout will be available for tracking.

Subscribe orders for tracking updates

For Roqqett to register an order for parcel tracking, you need to call the shipments endpoint using your API credentials. This call requires an order's ID, tracking ID (provided by your courier), a courier reference (MUST use the appropriate Roqqett-defined reference for courier you're fulfilling with), and the post code of delivery address.

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