Cart payment sessions

Start a checkout session when a payment is needed



A checkout session in Roqqett is the technical construct used to wrap the Roqqett payment flow and thus should be created when a payment is needed.

A cart payment session is initiated by a merchant and completes when either:

  • the customer authorises and completes payment
  • the customer cancels payments
  • the customer abandons the payment
    NB: a cart session by default expires after 20mins but a merchant can provide their own expiry time via the /cart endpoint.

If the cart session successfully completes, then an order with an embedded payment will be created that will be visible in the Roqqett portal (info / link). If the session completes unsuccessfully, then the order and payment will not be created, ie Roqqett are not reporting on unsuccessful carts in the Roqqett portal.

Within a cart session, there may be many payment attempts. This essentially mean that your consumers can easily retry payments as many times as they like - without restarting - and the cart session will only complete when with they have successfully paid.

It's good to understand the relationship between cart session and payments so you can leverage and optimise your cart sessions as much as possible.

Key callouts

  • Payment attempts are unlimited - The payment process is repeatable (by design) within a cart session.
  • Cart sessions do not fail - Unsuccessful cart sessions do not fail. They are either cancelled or abandoned.

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