Adding bank account(s)

Have and update multiple bank accounts



Roqqett allows you to have multiple bank accounts that you can use with the various Roqqett products you are utilising. The process of adding a new additional account is straight forward as is the process of updating bank account being used by your products.

Important to note that before any account can accept payment in Roqqett it must undergo some KYB checks after which it is set to the approved status and can be used. The approval status of any account is visible in the Bank accounts tab in the Settings area of the Roqqett portal (info / link).

Adding an account

Before you begin

  • Ensure you have the details of the bank account you want to add
  • Be aware that the account you add will need to be reviewed by Roqqett before it can be used

Add the new account

New accounts can be added in the Bank accounts tab of Settings area in the portal. So log into the portal (info / link), go to the tab and click the 'Add bank account' button. Provide the required information and press save.

Account KYB review

Once you have completed the form the Roqqett team will be informed to commence a quick KYB check on the account to ensure it's safe and secure to use. Once the checked, the Roqqett team will update the account's state to 'approved' and you will be informed.
NB: If the account fails the KYB checks then a Roqqett crew member will contact you directly to work through the reasons and get the situation resolved.


Why does my account need to be reviewed?

These checks are required to ensure the security of the service and most importantly that your payments will end up in the right place. If you have questions about this step please contact Roqqett support who will help get your new account verified and ready for use asap.

Configure newly approved account for use

Once approved, the account can now receive payment and you can do the following:

  • Set it as the default account using 'default account' checkbox in Settings->Bank accounts
  • Create new or update existing product(s) to use the account by choosing the account in the 'Bank account' dropdown on the Create/Edit checkout form in the Checkouts area of the portal.

Any questions? Ask us via chat here (bottom right) or on our help center.